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Use These 3 Tips Before Writing Internet Content

  • Doug Smith
  • 3/13/2014 12:00:00 AM
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Use These 3 Tips Before Writing Internet Content

If you are a local Indiana business owner, make sure your Internet marketing potential is realized by adhering to these 3 tips before writing new content.

Congratulations! You have decided to start promoting your Indiana business by building a website, creating a Facebook page, or maybe writing weekly blog posts.

These are all great ways to connect with your customer, but like any new endeavor, it's critical to be organized in the approach you take in order to realize the potential of these marketing opportunities.

Consistently delivering fresh, relevant content that is important to your targeted customer is at the core of success for a local Hoosier business using the Internet. At the core of success for a local Hoosier business using the Internet is to consistently deliver fresh content that is important to your targeted customer. Having a website, blog, or Facebook page that is never updated is a waste of time for your customer and for your business.

Here are 3 tips to consider before writing Internet content that will save you time and deliver value.

3 Key Content Tips

Tip #1: What is your goal?

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with all this activity. Why are you writing a blog post? What is the purpose of the social media entry? What actions should the customer ultimately take?

If you are a winery, you may want them to visit an upcoming tasting of the winery's latest release. Oliver Winery is a good example. If your business is a meat market, you may want your customer to join the frequent buyers' club or purchase this month's bundled meat package for their freezer. See these 15 bundled packages from Country Choice Meats in Kokomo for a good idea on how to do this. If you are a garden center and it's May, then invite your customer on Facebook to come in and buy mulch for their flower beds. See how well McCarty Mulch & Stone does it here.

Your content should always support the action you want your customer to take. First, establish your goal.

Tip #2: Who is your customer?

Get inside your customer’s head. How do they want to be communicated to?  If you are a landscape designer, will your customer want to see before and after photos?  If you are an Indiana veterinarian, does your customer want to be educated on how to care for a pet? If so, a series of blog posts may be just the thing. A good example is right here at Companion Animal Medical Center. Are you a Farmers Market?  Then make buying easier by showing a map of the market with all the vendors listed like Carmel does. Know your customer. Know how they want to be communicated to. This will make it easier for you to deliver fresh content that will get used.

Tip #3:  What does your customer want?

Everyone wants their problems solved or desires fulfilled. Identify what these are and make your content all about that. This is the best way to connect with a prospect or customer and keep them coming back to your website.

If your business is a local Indiana bakery then provide the recipe for your award winning sugar cream pie. The local veterinarian can explain to a pet owner what is involved in an annual checkup and why it’s important. A central Indiana tree service can explain in a page on its website all about the emerald ash borer attacking Indiana ash trees. This is done well at Vine and Branch, Inc.    

Many businesses waste the customer’s time delivering information that is not relevant to what they want or need. Make sure your business does not fall into this trap.


If you are a local Indiana business owner make sure your Internet marketing potential is realized by adhering to the above 3 tips before writing even one word of content:

Tip #1:  What is your goal?

Tip #2:  Who is your customer?

Tip #3:  What does your customer want?


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We had a great experience working with the Woodhaven Group. They have a great team that made launching our new website painless and worth the investment, what a great value!!! As a family run business it was nice to be treated like family. And the service after the sale is great.

Matt Chandler Chandler's Farm


Hey I thought you would like to know that our website is doing what we hoped. We have had 3 different customers come to the farm and buy plants today that have mentioned that they found us from our website. We are getting calls almost everyday. We could not have done with out all of you. Thanks again!

Randy and Linda Stout- Stouts Melody Acres


I have been so impressed with the creation of my new website by the Woodhaven Group. The team of staff worked together seamlessly to build the website I had envisioned for our small farm business. They are so easy to work with and do everything they can to make it easier for you to promote your business.

Wendy Feller, Silver Valley Farm


"Since the website launched 3 months ago, I have seen tree sales increase 30%. As you know it is a very effective marketing tool. You guys did a great job and are very easy to work with. I thank you and the entire team!

Dustin Hostetler Hostetler Farms